Silence. It enveloped the people. Seeing all those arrows pointing toward them made their hearts stop. There were so many lights. So many arrows. Too many for anyone to survive. Not a single soul would be left when they hit.

They were going to die. When those arrows hit them, they would be no more. No homes to return to, no stores that they used to frequent, no restaurants filled with laughter. No children singing and playing. They would all be gone.

No one would survive. This would be their last moments.

While the demon laughed, the villagers thought as one.

This is it. I will die here.

There would be no running. No trying to escape the massacre. They knew there was no escape. No point in even trying.

In their last moments, they accepted it. The once happy little town would perish in an instant.

As the arrows seemed to move an inch, the villagers hugged the nearest person. They didn’t care who it was, they clung to each other. Desperate for some comfort before it all ended.

The light arrows moved another inch, preparing to rain down on the poor village.

With a final laugh, the arrows made their descent.

“No!” A desperate cry reached the ears of every person.

The arrows stopped plummeting half way to their targets.

“What? What’s going on?!” Aika spread her arms in front of her, willing the lights to carry out their tasks. But they didn’t budge.

“What the hell?!” The red headed demon grit her teeth and flew under the arrows to see what was wrong.

Her eyes widened as horror struck. Misa was standing on the ground, arms outstretched before her. A red glow encased her hands that started to spread to her whole body. Black tresses floated around her as her power increased.

Aika turned to peer at her once light green arrows, only to see that they had turned a bright red.

“How? You took control of my arrows? That’s impossible! Not even the Demon King can manipulate another demon’s powers! How are you doing that?! Who are you?! What are you?!” Aika screamed at Misa. The other demon was breathing heavily, red rivulets of blood streaming down her arms. Her head down, she gave a light chuckle.

“I don’t know.”  The lights suddenly moved. Their target had changed, now aiming toward Aika.

“What?! No, don’t-!” The deadly spears of light hit their target and disappeared in an instant. Aika was gone, leaving no body behind.

Misa, panting heavily, looked down at the earth as the red glow slowly subsided. Eyes drooping, she took a moment to stare at where her enemy once was.

“Damn, she escaped. Stupid shifting skill.” Eyes drooping, her bloodied body started falling toward the ground.

Crap. Looks like this might be it. The humans will certainly kill me when they find me. Oh well, at least I’ll go out saving people. Even if I caused the almost massacre.

She lay in the small castle courtyard, awaiting death. As her crimson orbs slipped shut, she caught a glimpse of feet in front of her.

See ya, world. You’ve been horrible.


Silence consumed the village. Complete and utter silence. The lights had vanished, along with the red-haired demon.

The people didn’t know what to do. Was it over? Did they somehow survive? What had happened? Were they saved?

They couldn’t see anything that had happened with the two demons. All they knew was that one moment, those light arrows were going to slaughter them all. But then the next they had turned red and disappeared.

They were alive. They would live to see tomorrow. To see kids grow up. To see the bright sun rise and set once again.

One demon was gone.

Only one remained.