This page is a brief recap of all the posts so far. It skips all the details and just gives you a snippet of what hapened during each post.

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Post 1: Prologue

A little girl gets abandoned in the woods and swears revenge on her parents for leaving her there.

Post 2: Crash

The demons show up at a humans small town, fighting each other. The King of the town thinks that Misa, the black-haired demon with crimson red eyes is beautiful. Isan, a general, tries to get his King to leave the town safely.

Post 3: The End?

The demons, Misa and Aika, continue to fight. It is revealed that the reason they fight is to kill Misa because she is too powerful and independent from the demon kingdom. She will not work for the Royal demon family, so she must die. Misa thinks there is another reason.

Akemi, the King’s daughter, shows up in the middle of battle and Aika proceeds to hurt her. Misa rushed in to save her.