The End?


Dust clouded the vision of the King. He ran to the cloud, desperate to see his nine-year old daughter.

“Akemi?!” He called out, but no answer came. Just as he was about to enter the cloud, the dust disappeared in an instant. Silence filled the destroyed courtyard of the castle.

Crouching in the middle of the scorched earth was Misa. It appeared that she was holding something in her arms while surrounding it with her body. Time seemed to stop, everyone waiting for something to move. To see if she was even alive.

Slowly, the woman withdrew from the object she was protecting. A little girl with shoulder length sun-kissed hair came into view. Her light brown eyes wide and staring horrified at her protector.

Misa leaned down to the girl’s ear, her lips just brushing the skin.

“Run.” She whispered and pushed her in the direction of the King. The little girl stumbled a little bit, but remained standing.

“Akemi!” The King yelled, finally over his shock. He dashed toward her, once again. Akemi, hearing her father, looked at him. When she didn’t move, Misa gave her a light push.

“Run!” She yelled. An arrow went zooming past the demon’s head and blew up behind her. Misa dove toward the child, rolling to a stop just as she got to her. Before the little girl could react, Misa had picked her up and moved toward the King. Meanwhile, dodging all the arrows that followed her.

“Akemi!” The King shouted, wanting his daughter in his arms. He tried to keep up with watching Misa’s movements, but lost track of where the two girl’s were after what seemed like a second. Once again, clouds of dirt covered the small clearing. No one could see a thing.

The King made a fruitless effort to clear away the dust with his hand. Coughing, he walked further into the cloud, not giving up in the slightest. He had to get to his daughter. No matter what.

All of a sudden, he felt something warm being pushed into his arms and piercing red eyes could be seen a few inches from his face. He held onto the thing in his arms, looking down to see that it was his child. He looked back at the eyes to thank her, only to find them gone.

The King’s worried gaze fell on the crying girl in his arms.

“Akemi. What are you doing here? I thought you were in Zellia.” He kissed her whole face repeatedly, holding her tight. Isan, who wasn’t far behind his King in the dust, came up behind him.

“We must get out of here! Now!”

“Daddy, I’m scared!” The little girl clung to her father for dear life. Afraid that if she let go, he would be gone forever.

“I know sweetheart.” He looked toward the exit, or where he thought it was. The dust still clouded his vision. He didn’t know where they were in the clearing. All around them the sounds of a fierce battle was heard. No direction seemed safe. He turned toward the green-haired general.

“Do you know the way out? I can’t see a thing!” Just as Isan was about to answer, a gust of wind blew past them. A path free of dust appeared before them, leading to the gates. The King shared a puzzled look with Isan. The general shook his head.

“Don’t question it! Let’s go!” Isan forcefully turned his King toward the exit and then started pushing him toward it. All the while, the King’s eyes searched for the black-haired beauty. Seeing her dancing in the sky to avoid the twin swords Aika now wielded.

His eyes watched the crimson-eyed beauty. He saw the strain on her face every time she dodged. He also noticed that she was not using any magic, except flying. All she was doing was weaving out of the way of the glowing blades.

“Haruo! Let’s go!” Isan yelled. The King, now known as Haruo, turned toward the other man.

“We have to help her!” Isan looked at his King in shock, not believing his ears.

“What?!” Haruo rounded on his general, child still tucked into his arms.

“We have to help the red-eyed demon! She’s losing!”

“Are you insane?! We have to leave!”

“She saved my daughter! We can’t just leave her here!”

“We aren’t strong enough to help her! That other demon is powerful. There is no way we can beat it! The only way we can help her, is by getting out of her way!”

“But- “Haruo was interrupted by an ear-splitting shriek. Looking over, the humans saw Misa laying on the ground, not moving. The dust had completely disappeared. Red stained the ground around the limp body as black streams of hair covered the fragile skin. A bandaged foot slammed into her shoulder, making her scream again. Aika was seen standing over her, smirking.

“That is what you get when you help other people. I always told you helping would get you killed.” Taking the foot off the other woman, she bent down until her head was about a foot from the bleeding woman’s face.

“You should have heeded my warning.” Aika smirked, her eyes gleaming with a combination of malice and mischief.

“Any last words?” Coughing, Misa lifted her head so she could look straight into her opponent’s eyes.

“You should have heeded mine.” In the blink of an eye, Misa thrust her hand through Aika’s stomach.

The red-haired demon screamed and jumped away from the other woman. Once dirty hands were now stained red with her own blood as she tried to stop it from flowing. Green orbs narrowed with hatred at the demon in front of her.

“You bitch! You’ll pay for that!”

“Like I haven’t heard that before!” With a furious shriek, Aika jumped into the sky, orbs of light sprouting from her outstretched hands. They kept going until the lights were spread out over the town.

“You want to save people?! Then save them from this!” The orbs of lights turned into arrows that threatened to destroy the, still evacuating, village.

“No!” Misa screamed as the arrows began their descent.

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