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How is she that beautiful? I’ve never seen anyone that pretty.

He watched her, immobilized by the sheer image of the dark-haired demon.  Nothing else mattered as he stared. Not his subjects trying to get him to move. Not the smell of smoke from buildings that were on fire. It was as if time had stopped. All was quiet in the small clearing.

Until it wasn’t. She had suddenly disappeared from his sight, while another explosion kicked off where she once stood.

The demons had started fighting again. Only this time, they had decided to fight in the air. They were so fast that only lights from their attacks were seen by the humans. Red and bright green clashed in the sky.

“Sire! We must get out of here!” Isan was trying to get the King to snap out of his daze. He shook his shoulder and yelled in his ear, but nothing was working. Finally, he decided to just slap him in the face.

“Ow! What was that for?!” The King yelled at his general. Isan glared at him and pulled him from his sitting position.

“We must get out of here! This is no time to be star-struck!” Isan continued to, once again, pull his King along.

The sound of gravel being crushed behind them made the two remaining humans turn their heads toward it.

They saw the black-haired demon, Misa, lying on the ground, straining to get up. Coughing, Misa could barely get her arms to work. Blood stained the ground around her.

“We have to help her!” The King shouted. He started to go back to her, but was stopped by an arm around his shoulders.

“No! We must go! They will kill us!” Isan was straining to stop his King. His muscled arm was bulging by the sheer strength of his King’s struggling.

“Isan, let me go!”

“No!” While they were busy arguing, Misa had managed to sit up. She was, once again, glaring up at the other demon in the sky.

“Why do you bother with me? Why can’t you just leave me alone, Aika?  What have I done wrong?” The scarlet haired demon, now known as Aika, smirked.

“Because you’re a nuisance. You’re too powerful and too independent. If you would agree to work for the royal family, we wouldn’t be trying to kill you.”

Small bursts of flames erupted from Misa’s body. She slowly stood, her hair whipping around her from the power she was now emitting. Crimson orbs glowed fiercely as she glared at Aika.

“That will never happen. I would rather die, then work for those pompous idiots!” With that said, Misa lunged into the other demon. She wrapped her arms around the other woman, letting her burning flames lick at Aika’s flesh. As both demons plummeted toward the earth, Aika shrieked in pain.

The red-head thought fast and burst her power from her body, throwing Misa off of her. Aika slammed into the side of a small tower, while Misa crashed into the middle of the small clearing at the exit of the castle. She heard Aika give a frustrated scream and dodged a blow to the head.

“Stop fighting already! You have nothing to live for! Why do you even care if you die?!” Aika screamed.

“Why do you care if I live?! I’ve never hurt anyone from the kingdom or any villages! I’ve never stolen anything but food and that was when I was an abandoned child! I have done nothing to deserve the treatment that I get! I’ve seen other demons steal, pillage, and kill, but you don’t care about them! Why me?! It can’t be just because I am powerful! I’m sure there are more powerful demons out there then I! There has to be another reason!” Misa punched the air in front of her, sending a burst of fire towards Aika. She dodged it, but did not expect the second and third bursts. They hit her dead on, causing her to roll back into the castle’s stone wall.

Misa limped over to her, her side still bleeding profusely. Drops of crimson splattered the ground around her as she stared at the glaring woman on the ground.

“Why are you after me?” Aika seemed to think for a bit, before she opened her mouth. But before a sound left her lips, she was interrupted by a small voice.

“Daddy!” Both demons looked over to the door of the castle, seeing a small human girl dashing towards her father on the other side of the clearing.

“Akemi? Why are you here? You’re not supposed to be here!” The King shouted as he frantically ran to meet her. The general followed, but they were not fast enough.

As the humans started to run to the child, for that split second the demons knew what was going to happen next. Misa’s eyes widened as she turned back to a smirking Aika.

“Bye-bye kid.” The black-haired demon whipped around to see a glowing green arrow above the child’s head.

“Noooooo!” Misa screamed as ran for the child. The humans were once again pushed back from the explosion. The King stared at the dust cloud that his daughter was in.

“Akemi?” He whispered, but no answer came.

“Akemi?!” This time called out. Still no answer.


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